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Nerdoscientist on the job: Sensory Market Research

I’ve definitely dropped the ball on my own blog here at the Nerdoscientist blog.

Basically, I’ve taken a position with a market research company that utilizes psychological testing and applied neuroscience to evaluate the responses of consumer to media, product and communications.

And it’s been great! I get to fight the good proper science fight, pushing for proper research design in a troubled field (neuromarketing) and I get to do what I love… designing research around the complicated questions that market researchers and product designers face every day when trying to make great products that speak to consumers.


I think I’ve unknowingly been training for this. From my interest in the psychology and neuroscience of food choice in undergrad to developing novel methods and techniques in neuroscience in grad school to a postdoc that gave me my first opportunity to work with industry and get insight into the type of questions that companies ask when they make products. Then working in industry myself designing studies, developing methodology, innovating new and current products and measuring consumers.


Anyway, I’m loving it.
And I love sharing it. This year I’ve presented research at several different conferences (Temple University’s Sensory Marketing Conference, Cosmetics & Sensory 2014, ScentWorld). And more coming up this fall (SSP, SfN).

But of course, the excitement and fun takes up more of my time away from my own blog and now I’m also blogging for work.
So catch me at where I’ve written my latest blog on Sensory Marketing and Branding.


Promise I’ll try to stop by more.


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