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About Me

I’m a nerd.

I’m a scientist.

I’m a nerdoscientist.

It’s a passion of mine to not only read scientific articles and news, but also to find ways of translating scientific findings (mainly neuroscience and psychology related) to everyday thinking.  Having worked in both academia and industry, I try to use the insights I’ve collected from both ends of the spectrum to meet somewhere in the middle… where we live.  Everything from what we eat, to the soaps we use to the way we communicate with our partners.  It is all related to and because of neuroscience and psychology.

Electrical signals passing by like ships in the night… and maybe I can help navigate.

Oh and I consult, too. 

Consumer Behavioral Neuroscientist ~ Speaker/Author/Advisor ~ Research Innovation 

As a behavioral neuroscience expert (PhD) in the application of neuropsychology, psychology and behavioral science, my focus in flavor and fragrance technologies and sensory and consumer research has led me to a long career in product development/innovation and consumer research design. Experienced in both academic and industry environments, I work as a consultant, board member, and  my full time gig of VP of Research & Innovation at HCD Research.

I obtained a PhD and master’s in behavioral neuroscience and neurogenetics from Purdue University’s IBRC (Ingestive Behavior Research Institute) program and a BS in psychology and neuroscience from Florida State University. I began my consumer sciences career as a post-doctoral fellow at Monell Chemical Senses Center with industry sponsored research of functional ingredients. I continued her focus on consumer and sensory perceptions at Johnson & Johnson as technical lead for flavor and fragrance innovation programs, and external innovation and research programs. At Mars Chocolate, I worked as a senior scientist for global sensory projects and ingredient sourcing. Currently VP of Research & Innovation at HCD Research, I integrate applied consumer neuroscience and behavioral science tools and technologies with traditional market and consumer research methods used to measure consumer response.

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