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Neuroscience 101

Neuroscience 101

What is “neuroscience”?

The popular magazine, Popular Science, takes on the challenge of explaining neuroscience and does a pretty good job!


– “history of neuroscience” – very brief and lacks important names (hello! Cajal!). But a decent overview.

– “present” – Obama’s brain initiative… wait… we went from the unnamed Cajal to the recent brain initiative?  What about all the other achievements in our field?

– “future” – Myself and many others have our doubts about how effective the brain initiative will be, but this article suggests that it will be a game changer.  It’s really not that much money.

The bottom line? All news is good news.  And kudos to Popular Science for doing a sort of write up on neuroscience.  But seriously, this is their answer to the question “What is neuroscience?”.

Neuroscience is much much more. Stay tuned.

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